ArChildren Courses

ArChildren Courses by Poetics is the first initiative in India to educate and engage Children and Youth about Nature, Buildings and our Built environment through the understanding of Architecture.

Today’s children live in bigger cities dealing with innumerable urban issues such as traffic congestions, water scarcity, waste mismanagement, air pollution, disappearing natural lakes and parks and climate change. Most of these issues are rooted in the lack of understanding of the built environment, lack of deep connection with nature and lack of understanding the source of all problems. Our future generation needs immense knowledge of these issues; they need to be equipped with the wisdom to solve these issues, to create a down-to-earth lifestyle and to be able to live in harmony with nature and their fellow beings.

ArChildren aims to provide young minds a platform where they are free to explore and understand our built environment through play and imaginative projects.

ArChildren courses are segmented for three age groups 4-6 years, 7-13 years and 14-18 years. Each course consists of a number of classes that need to be completed. 

As part of these courses children will make Sundried bricks, Natural huts, Bamboo Pergolas, Arches, Vaults and Geodesic Domes.

What they will do

Age 4-6 years:

Children of 4- 6 years old learn about architecture through free play and imaginative projects through the use of natural materials (without adhesives, stickers and glue). Simple folding techniques and knot tie activities will engage them to put things together in beautiful and imaginative ways. They also investigate about the elements of architecture like openings (door, windows), roofs, walls, light, shades, textures, structures and relationship with nature. Through role play and dress up activities, they will also become elements of buildings and nature and enjoy the learning process. 
Note: Parents (one parent) can accompany for this class. 

Age 7-13 years:

The 7-13 years children will explore the issues related to ecology, natural vs. man made environment and our cities. They will learn about design of buildings and cities in the context of climate and nature. They will deeply explore the natural materials like earth and bamboo by making models in actual scale. They will make sun dried bricks, Straw bale huts, Rammed earth benches/ structures, bamboo shades, nest making and the like. The hands-on making experiences will imprint stronger memories in their understanding of nature and architecture.

 Age 14- 18 years:

The 14-18 years will be those children who want to be future leaders in the profession of architecture and urban planning. They explore about sustainability, urban city issues, the role of architecture and our built environment. They will design and draw plans for the houses and make field trips to understand urban issues like visiting lakes, parks, traffic management. They will also understand about Permaculture, natural eco-living with livestock and holistic understanding of nature and human intervention through built environment. They also learn about age old traditions in the process making buildings, history of our cities and current scenarios in planning and architecture.

All ArChildren activities are Individual-focused and Child-led. It focuses on the Experience and the Process than on the final end product. The real scale model making will take place at our exciting natural play environment known as Red Soil Nature Play.

ArChildren courses will make a long lasting impact on Children and Youth on their thinking and the creative process of learning in life. Our playful learning process will kindle the in-born imagination of every child. Children attending our courses will have a greater understanding of the joint-responsibilities we have on our environment. They would care about their surroundings, fellow beings, aim for a simple natural lifestyle and learn to tread lightly.

ArChildren courses are not only for children who would like to become an architect or designer; it is meant for All Young Minds who will become responsible people of our future world.

ArChildren Courses at Nurseries and Schools

We also have one day programs for Schools who would like to introduce the children about the process of architecture and natural built environment. We can conduct the programme at your school or you could bring your children to Red Soil Nature Play ~ an early childhood play environment.


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