Why Poetics?

Architecture Works

At poetics, we diligently work with client’s aspiration and realize it at the site. Our design will be the one that never compromises on function and utility needs and comprises of visual and spatial elegance. Our decade long practical expertise comes with sustainable solutions for natural green buildings. Natural buildings will become a norm and compulsion for tomorrow’s sustainable world.

One-point Contact & Connect

The client doesn’t need to store and call more number of people to build their project. The more number of contacts and individual services consumes a lot of time and energy to execute the project. At poetics, we provide all our expertise services with an ease of one-point connect and get it done as early as possible.

We provide one integrated solution for all your project purpose – Searching right property, finalizing the green property, concept design, govt. approvals, detail drawings, project estimation, parallel site preparation for work, finalizing the cost of the project, project execution time line, well informed project cost plan, build as per plan, project management and material management, customize smaller needs while construction,  furnish the interiors, get service connections, operational testing and move-in to your green property.


We are there with you when you start your planning; and will be there till it is realized. We extend our support post occupancy of the project.

Natural Life style

Our design will change the way we live and love nature. Our sensitive respect and response to natural materials will bring visual and special pallet of colors and textures; warm, cool, rough, smooth, silence and music into the habitat.


"There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before."  - Robert Lynd

At Poetics, we thrive to create ‘places for people’ which will nurture the neighborhood too. Our design will create an eco-system which will co-live with each other.

Appropriate Cost

Building a natural eco-habitat means you build more with less money. The Eco-habitats reduces unnecessary costs of the building industry (simple structures with lesser steel& concrete, no need to plaster everywhere, no need to paint, no need to purchase expensive marbles/ granites, etc.,) but you spend good money on quality production and products/ materials which may last long (renewable energy, waste & water management, good fittings/ fixtures, natural furnishing, craftsmanship, etc.,). At Eco-habitats, we spend money on the right and appropriate materials and on quality production which will reduce the cost of periodic maintenance and increases high performance when the building is used. You will reap the harvest on renewable energy, water & waste management systems and edible gardens in a period of time. Still eco-habitats will cost 20 – 40% lesser than the cost of typically finished concrete buildings)

Get Green credit value

Build an Eco-habitat, people will value your building and lifestyle more than ever. Current scenarios of polluted lakes, traffic congestions, water-logged roads and increased stress in ‘urban life style’ will lead people to choose the greener path. Your green property and life style will be much appreciated and increases the value for long terms.

If you are an institution, startup company/ office, co-working space then you must build green learning/ working spaces or modify / renovate your existing structures into an eco-habitat to reduce your maintenance and services cost (reduced electricity & water bill) and increase productivity. Green spaces will enhance co-working culture and enrich creativity.  Sustainable work spaces will attract more clients who are looking at energy conscious co-team to work with.

Tomorrow’s Sustainable world needs path makers who set an example of greener livable space along with nature. Poetics will be a supportive member in your journey.

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