Poetics Services

Poetics is a one place solution for the design and build of modern Eco-friendly architecture.

We provide creative and affordable solutions for all your needs of real estate purchase, architectural design, eco-construction, interior furnishing and creating natural edible home gardens.

Our expertise combines single source accountability and an easy one-point contact to strengthen your vision from ideation to completion on site.

Poetics Eco-habitats is committed to build socially responsive and sustainably working projects. We would like to put our skills, professionalism and heart into every project, bringing meaning to our everyday life and creating a model for a better future.

If you would like to have a creative and sustainable collaboration with us, for any type of project; please do write or call us. We will be happy to be a part of your vision!


Our Services

Real Estate – Green Property

Good design starts with good plot. Purchasing a land is the first decision which would impact the design later and intervene with fulfilling all your needs. We assist you to purchase a land/ plot with a design+build perspective. We deeply look into ‘how green’ your property is. Green property is where you spend less on maintenance and how the community applies green practices towards water & waste management, power consumption. A green property also propels you, your children and elders/parents to cherish their neighborhood times. Contact us for enlisted ‘green properties’ for your selection.  We also help you to find a better green property at your preferred location.  



Poetics architecture focuses on design which is sustainable, minimal and functionally aesthetic. Sustainable design building is simple, elegant to live in, build thoughts and nurture memories while growing with them. 

Architecture consists of two integral parts; one is the invisible design and the other is the visible materials like soul and body. Our ‘invisible design’ is drafted with the understanding of local micro-climate, sun path, wind directions, orientation of the plot and the users current and future needs.  Poetics crafts their building meticulously with appropriate natural building materials for each project. Building materials are selected with consciousness of their strength, time impermeability, local climate adaptability and cost effectiveness.

We work with high energy from inception to completion of the project and go an extra mile to achieve the perfection for the project.


Design + Build

Poetics offers a one-point contact to realize your envisioned project from design ideation to furnishing it to its completeness. Being a ‘one-point contact’ project, the timeline for the project will be more efficient and effective. Reduced time for the project will benefit the client directly on the cost of the project (project running cost, existing rent cost, minimizing EMI periods) and indirectly the peace of mind from running a project.  Our design + build processes is measurable and brings high quality construction with Eco-friendly practices.  

We conceive the project as a whole entity and livable product. Hence, our design comprises of built-in interior design solution for the building; we encourage minimal, modest detailing to bring the elegance in the building. Natural building materials will bring its own texture to the pallet of design; their simplicity and environment friendly qualities are timeless and will gracefully age with time.

Design + Build project eliminates the role of project management by client or their representative. Poetics being an architect led company; we par with excellence in project execution and material quality bringing down the project timeline (minimum 40%). 

Our Sustainable and society conscious building practices will cause lesser impact on nature compared to typical concrete buildings. Our environment friendly design and building processes will be carried out while construction and easy to maintain post construction. 


Interior Furnishing

Natural interior furnishing is as important as how we build the Eco-friendly buildings. The interiors will increase the air quality, reduce the noise and enhance visual aesthetics. The current market available interiors items are 90% no environment friendly; they emit gases which are not comfortable to breathe in daily life. Poetics chooses the appropriate natural materials to furnish the livable space and enhance the visual charm of it. 


Natural edible garden

Poetics believes that the building should camouflage in the garden! The garden and the building should be interwoven to become one and the same in a plot. Only through the garden we experience the seasons and enrich our senses. We create gardens which are edible and invite the inhabitants to engage with it. The natural edible garden could be in many forms like kitchen garden, window sill garden, and recycled containers garden. We design the edible garden from the initial stages of design discussion; they are not a mere popup in the surface of the building.


Property Maintenance & Management

A good building needs to be maintained well at periodic times. Naturally cared buildings will live longer than their life time. Early and periodic maintenance will cut short the later total revamping/ renovations with high cost and time.   Natural green buildings need experienced hands to maintain them and hence poetics provides annual maintenance services for their buildings. We also manage your green property to rent, sell with interested people who love living in natural buildings. Our periodic maintenance and management services will never let down your property value in the market.

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