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Top 10 to Questions to ask an architect before you collobrate with them1. What is your firm’s design philosophy? Everyother architect's thinks he/she is doing phenominal work in architecture. But you should know what is their design inspirations, what they love, how they work.. and how do you percieve it. Philosophy can not be read on paper; architect needs to practice it in their work.. please cross verify their work and their words.. do they match.. and see how open they are to recieve your ideas.2. Who will be designing my project? Who will be my everyday contact?Yes. you should...

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On Eco Design

What do you mean by Eco-Friendly Building? or Design?Mankind is building its nest from the time they left the caves; started living in one place along with their cultivated land. All these times the buildings were built with different materials, based on the source and money power. But in the last two centuiries industrial mass production and more urban city expansion made people to choose materials which are environment friendly and depleting the natural resources beyound the regenaration of them. Building materials has been shipped from continents to continents; yet they are not suitable for their climate and people. Mechanically...

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