On Eco Design

What do you mean by Eco-Friendly Building? or Design?

Mankind is building its nest from the time they left the caves; started living in one place along with their cultivated land. All these times the buildings were built with different materials, based on the source and money power. But in the last two centuiries industrial mass production and more urban city expansion made people to choose materials which are environment friendly and depleting the natural resources beyound the regenaration of them. Building materials has been shipped from continents to continents; yet they are not suitable for their climate and people. Mechanically conditioning the indoor environments (like a/c, heaters) made people to distance themselves from natural way of building their habitats for their climate.

Lets make the process of buidling in two segments;
first one is planning and constrcution period
second one as while living in the building and maintenance of the habitat

in these both times we shall follow sustainable building process to call a building as eco-friendly building.
Let us see the steps for planning and construction period

On Site:
1. We shall not change the natural terrain of the site like filling with soil and making it as same level. We shall work on the existing land condtion.
2. All matured trees and plants shall be retained and we shall plan the spaces around it.

On Plan
1. We shall plan a habitats for a comfort and need not for lavishness and luxurious life style.
2. The building should have multiple users or people to occupy and utilise it.
Individual homes can build in in rural or town areas. But in cities, we shall utilise the maximum FAR and build mutiple dwelling units for others to share as a tenants/owners.
3. Per capita space shall be defined for minimum need and better comfort. (Also check on Tiny homes). the more we build then more materials exploitation from nature.
4. study deepily about the local climate of the city and micro-climate at site shall decide the orientation and openings at building. Natural lighting and ventilation should be the basic of eco-friendly building. Natural cooling and heating could be achieved by following the climate study, solar movements and wind pattern.

On Building Materials
1. The building material should be locally available or made at site. Like we can Compressed Earth Blocks at site which will reduce the carbon emission of buring bricks and transportation side effects.
2. Earth and Bamboo

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